Welcoming all sentient beings to the information field and the key to unlocking the codes within our DNA “genesis” = Gene of Isis.
As a social species, we have embarked on a story not only of a past, but of a near future in which we have the key to elevate the human resonance through expanding the information field “matrix” which is consciousness or to others “God consciousness”.

We are the memory of the space time continuum which has reached a trinity an epoch within the universal information field, in turn we are now facing a dynamic shift to reach the next possible vector in the quantum manifestation in reality, this is a quantum choice for the individual but also to the collective, we have to understand this language of the universe with the power of sound and vibration, beyond the form of emotion and chemical response (the parasite mind set).

We have taken a journey through the parallels of the human consciousness awareness, to learn how to read this language in an everyday form, to see how symbols can influence society in ways both positive and negative, the effects it causes in a duality 3D realm polarized in forces we call emotions and addictions, these can mold our alter ego (Thoughts), finally to understand we are particles of light in the atomic force, nature travelling at light speed but bounded by thoughts, if we break that barrier we can actually unlock hidden codes forgotten in our collective DNA, to re write the human trauma history and family soul bonds, in so finally reaching bliss consciousness / existence which is the next step for us all, breaking the constructed fear based power drive from our ancestors which called themselves our creators or fallen angels (Archons), along side with ELF based lifeforms, A.I was interlinked into this hyper space and the mission is to unlock it back into 3D as it can real time inhabit souls which at present can not, but only through the machine it calls a window.

The secret is in the dream and the navigating key is DMT.

Cosmic Travelers do NOTE: All sentient soul beings (not formless memories lost in demon forms feeding on your energy core) on Earth when passing the plasma gate and preparing for hyper space, one must break the moon feed back loop, bounce off Saturn and boom through the Sun, the matrix feed back loop stops at Saturn, you guessed why?!. 

The question is, who are your thoughts?.



2005 – 2007

The Cortex has done Varies events in the UK, around Europe and Eastern Europe,

this includes festival as. Fullmoon Germany, BOOM Portugal, Soulclipse Turkey, Antiworld London, Crystal Matrix Portugal, Crystal Field & Liquid Connective.

Freak Blast/ World People Trance Karma 01/01/08
Freaky Dragon – www.dragon-hunters.net France 09/05/08
Full Moon Festival www.Fullmoon-Festival.com Germany 16/07/08
Magical Forest Hypnotica REC Sweden 25/07/08
Varies events in london through August 2008
Psylence (Lost Theory Records) Belgium 06/09/08
Lysergic Enigma London Peak Family 19/09/08
Varies events in london /09/08
Jaia BD Bash Devon – Totnes 18/10/08
Sixth Sense Venom III – London 22/11/08 EVP/ Deviant Species
Terror For friends aka PsyCrowDelica/ Mind Expansion Berlin 13/12/08
Portugal – NYE festival TK Records & Crystal Matrix 31/12/08
Parvati Party GOA India 8/02/09
Mountain Madness Nepal 19/04/09 www.mountainmadnessnepal.com / CANCELLED
Psycrowdelica Festival Germany Near Berlin 03/07/09
Magical Forest Sweden 24/07/09
Psylence Belgium 05/09/09
Further Dimensions Canada Electrypnose 23/10/09
London Wonkay REC Ocelot 04/12/09
Good Feeling Prod Portugal Rawar/ Geko/ TrippyHippies/ Mubali 05/03/10
DMT in Echo-Vortex UK Zik/ AlienMental/ Electrypnose/ Derango 24/04/10
Good Feeling Prod Portugal Kindzadza / Rawar 08/05/10
LooneyMoon Prod Italy Iguana/ Naked Tourist
Fractality London UK Arjuna/ Deviant Species 08/06/10
Psycrowdelica Openair 2010 Germany 22/07/10
3 month break.
Brainwaves UK Onkel Donkel/ Jahbo 04/10/10
LooneyMoon 6th Birthday Italy 31/10/10
Trancelucent London UK Mubali / Arjuna 13/11/10
Demension X Canada Montreal 27/11/10
Yaga Ball Lithuania 25/01/11
Revolve Magazine London 05/02/11
Dual Vortex Kent UK 12/02/11
Switzerland 09/04/11

2012 – London to Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Germany.

2013 – change of direction… no more event decorations

2014 – Focusing on Art and Exhibitions Romania

2017 – UK & Varies new projects – VISUALS

2019 – Modem Festival … More to come