From 2003 to 2012 Project Ended

Bookings for installation deco should be confirmed 4 months before, you will be required to pay a deposit for first time bookings, this is based on a trusting confirmation agreement. Also you will be required to complete a contract with the outlining agreements.

Equipment needs: UV lights will not be provided, please ensure you have enough. For indoor events, please send photos of the space before installation, this will help with certain tools needed for the work. Please note that ladders will have to be provided and will have to follow health and safety regulations. NomadiCortex will not be responsible for electrical light installations, please have required technicians for the job.

The standard price to display the paintings is calculated on the need and size of the setup to the event. In order to be fair for both parties, there is 2 forms to a standard setup, one valued at €700 (stage design), while the other at €1000 (space design) (INDOOR ONLY), for out door events over 24 hours, the price will be charged on a daily rate, agreements can be met. However there is also a minimum price that must be reached – For the costs of the setup,  Open-air events are a great experience we enjoy, but please keep in mind they require a more complicated installation. There is also a big risk factor we face with weather-related damage (wind, rain, mud, dust). The price for the second night and nights thereafter act as compensation for this potential risk.

Travel expenses: 2 x flight tickets (economic class) or 1 x flight ticket (business class)

Why two flight tickets?

These paintings weigh 35 – 40 kg; economic class allows for only 20 kg + 8 kg cabin (hand) baggage per ticket. Paying the overweigh charges is more expensive than buying a second flight ticket (overweigh charges cost 16 – 25 EUR / kg).
The exception from this is North America and Canada, where I can fly with 2 pieces of luggage + cabin bag from Europe. In business class, it is possible take 30kg luggage + 18 kg cabin baggage.

Vehicle Hire and use:

This will be calculated on distance per gallon, please ask for details and give location.

I never send paintings via post or in other hands.
My base is in London UK. The nearest international airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Luton.
The costs of any transport fee in your country (from airport, station etc.) must be covered as well.
Booking is confirmed when travel costs + 50 % price for display paintings is paid in advance.
I do this for our protection against promoters who cannot count their profit from the party. The best way is to send money directly into bank account or paypal in advance.
I make the necessary travel reservations in the arranged time prior to the final destination. The other 50 % of the cost to display the paintings is paid during the event.
This is my real concept: meet and connect with new people and their cultures through our paintings. Thank you for your time and effort to read this.

For this, I hope we can make something new and solid for future values and friendship.

2005 – 2007

The Cortex has done Varies events in the UK, around Europe and Eastern Europe,

this includes festival as. Fullmoon Germany, BOOM Portugal, Soulclipse Turkey, Antiworld London, Crystal Matrix Portugal, Crystal Field & Liquid Connective.

Freak Blast/ World People Trance Karma 01/01/08
Freaky Dragon – France 09/05/08
Full Moon Festival Germany 16/07/08
Magical Forest Hypnotica REC Sweden 25/07/08
Varies events in london through August 2008
Psylence (Lost Theory Records) Belgium 06/09/08
Lysergic Enigma London Peak Family 19/09/08
Varies events in london /09/08
Jaia BD Bash Devon – Totnes 18/10/08
Sixth Sense Venom III – London 22/11/08 EVP/ Deviant Species
Terror For friends aka PsyCrowDelica/ Mind Expansion Berlin 13/12/08
Portugal – NYE festival TK Records & Crystal Matrix 31/12/08
Parvati Party GOA India 8/02/09
Mountain Madness Nepal 19/04/09 / CANCELLED
Psycrowdelica Festival Germany Near Berlin 03/07/09
Magical Forest Sweden 24/07/09
Psylence Belgium 05/09/09
Further Dimensions Canada Electrypnose 23/10/09
London Wonkay REC Ocelot 04/12/09
Good Feeling Prod Portugal Rawar/ Geko/ TrippyHippies/ Mubali 05/03/10
DMT in Echo-Vortex UK Zik/ AlienMental/ Electrypnose/ Derango 24/04/10
Good Feeling Prod Portugal Kindzadza / Rawar 08/05/10
LooneyMoon Prod Italy Iguana/ Naked Tourist
Fractality London UK Arjuna/ Deviant Species 08/06/10
Psycrowdelica Openair 2010 Germany 22/07/10
3 month break.
Brainwaves UK Onkel Donkel/ Jahbo 04/10/10
LooneyMoon 6th Birthday Italy 31/10/10
Trancelucent London UK Mubali / Arjuna 13/11/10
Demension X Canada Montreal 27/11/10
Yaga Ball Lithuania 25/01/11
Revolve Magazine London 05/02/11
Dual Vortex Kent UK 12/02/11
Switzerland 09/04/11

2012 – London to Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Germany.

2013 – change of direction… no more event decorations

2014 – Focusing on Art and Exhibitions Romania

2017 – UK & Varies new projects – VISUALS

2019 – Modem Festival … More to come