Event History for Decoration


2005 – 2007

The Cortex has done Varies events in the UK, around Europe and Eastern Europe,

this includes festival as. Fullmoon Germany, BOOM Portugal, Soulclipse Turkey, Antiworld London, Crystal Matrix Portugal, Crystal Field & Liquid Connective.

Freak Blast/ World People Trance Karma 01/01/08
Freaky Dragon – http://www.dragon-hunters.net France 09/05/08
Full Moon Festival http://www.Fullmoon-Festival.com Germany 16/07/08
Magical Forest Hypnotica REC Sweden 25/07/08
Varies events in london through August 2008
Psylence (Lost Theory Records) Belgium 06/09/08
Lysergic Enigma London Peak Family 19/09/08
Varies events in london /09/08
Jaia BD Bash Devon – Totnes 18/10/08
Sixth Sense Venom III – London 22/11/08 EVP/ Deviant Species
Terror For friends aka PsyCrowDelica/ Mind Expansion Berlin 13/12/08
Portugal – NYE festival TK Records & Crystal Matrix 31/12/08
Parvati Party GOA India 8/02/09
Mountain Madness Nepal 19/04/09 http://www.mountainmadnessnepal.com / CANCELLED
Psycrowdelica Festival Germany Near Berlin 03/07/09
Magical Forest Sweden 24/07/09
Psylence Belgium 05/09/09
Further Dimensions Canada Electrypnose 23/10/09
London Wonkay REC Ocelot 04/12/09
Good Feeling Prod Portugal Rawar/ Geko/ TrippyHippies/ Mubali 05/03/10
DMT in Echo-Vortex UK Zik/ AlienMental/ Electrypnose/ Derango 24/04/10
Good Feeling Prod Portugal Kindzadza / Rawar  08/05/10
LooneyMoon Prod Italy Iguana/ Naked Tourist
Fractality London UK Arjuna/ Deviant Species 08/06/10
Psycrowdelica Openair 2010 Germany 22/07/10
3 month break.
Brainwaves UK Onkel Donkel/ Jahbo 04/10/10
LooneyMoon 6th Birthday Italy 31/10/10
Trancelucent London UK Mubali / Arjuna 13/11/10
Demension X Canada Montreal 27/11/10
Yaga Ball Lithuania 25/01/11
Revolve Magazine London 05/02/11
Dual Vortex Kent UK 12/02/11
Switzerland 09/04/11

2012 – London to Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Germany.

2013 – change of direction… no more event decorations

2014 – Focusing on Art and Exhibitions  Romania