Welcome to my private platform which is an ever developing project since 2003.

I am an artist from England UK, though always learning.
I started my development in 2005 as an U.V artist for event decorations around Europe from 2006 to 2015, eventually building a name in the trance scene as “Nomadicortex”. I lived in Sweden from 2001 to 2004 in Malmo Skane. Where I met a new way of social values, art, music and friendships. In this time I experienced the German festival scene, where I discovered U.V drape art, one specifically was an artist called “NOS” from Sweden, who made some of the most incredibly realistic drape paintings inspired by Warhammer 40k and the other “FELIX” from Germany, it made me want to develop and explore this area of design work, though it was and still is not recognized as an official art form.

Fredrick NOS – Sweden

Felix – Germany

In 2003 I had an experience which changed my life and opened a gate way to a question what we all ask at some point in life, in which this opened me to the study of Hermetic theology and mystic arts, but using an alchemic value and a respect to God.

My studies first started in 1998 as an interior designer, which I worked in London for about a decade as a designer for clients in the private sector, with in a social criteria mostly working around Italian design furniture, this was for a company called “Interni”.

In 2008 the derivative market crashed and the house prices increase drove the market into a frenzy and for this, the design sector was hit by the lack of purchase and housing renovations, this in turn made me decide to leave this industry and actually focus on my passion as an artist.

In 2008 I went to India and stayed there for 1 year, travelling and witnessing a huge perspective in life, philosophy and geo political awareness more directly, the state of humanity in a so called technological civilization.

This once again reawakened the 2003 experiences.

2012 My life changed dramatically and I have been on a 10 year rebuild, development and learning process again.

Since then, please explore this platform for more insight.

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Thanks for reading.

Ffransis Morgan